Sooke Community Screensaver

Downloading and installation Instructions

It's very easy to download, just click on "Download Now" on the previous page, and a window will pop up that will let you choose which folder on your hard drive you would like to save it to. Choose any folder you wish, but a c:\temp folder or right to your desktop would be best as you won't need the file after it is installed so you can find it easily, unless you wish to keep it email it to friends feel free to do so. If the download window doesn't pop up when clicking on the Download Now link, try holding down your shift key when clicking on it. (depending on your browser).

Once you get the file downloaded, just locate the folder that you saved it in (or your desktop), and and double click on the file "sookescreensaver.exe". The screensaver will automatically install itself. If it doesn't automatically become your default screensaver, just go into display properties in your Windows Control Panel, click on the screensaver tab and choose it to be your screensaver.

Hope you enjoy it.

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